Dark Black Ginseng Extract


Net weight: 750ml / bottle

Ingredients: 94% dark black ginseng concentrate; 5.7% collagen.

The highest quality 6 year old ginseng roots grown in Korea are used as raw material: raw black ginseng undergoes 70 days of processing with methods that include the indirect low temperature steam method (ILTSM), "double fermentation" and "nine times steaming + drying. Solvents used as extraction agents and concentration of 6 year old ginseng roots with total saponin content above 150mg / g.

Properties and Benefits: Black ginseng extract is combined with collagen and ferments for over 120 hours using patented technology. The extract is free of impurities and promotes joint health as well as rejuvenation of the face and skin.

HK$ 4,900.00