Fermented Dark Black Ginseng Soap


Net weight: 90 gr

Ingredients: Korean Black Ginseng; collagen; dry yeast; olive oil; castor oil, hyaluronic acid.

The highest quality 6-year-old ginseng roots grown in Korea are used as raw material: raw black ginseng undergoes 70 days of processing with methods including the indirect low-temperature steam method (ILTSM), "double fermentation" and “steaming nine times + drying. Solvents used as agents for the extraction and concentration of 6-year-old ginseng roots with total saponin content exceeding 150mg / g.

Properties and Benefits: With a pH below 7.4, Skin Cleansing Soap keeps skin properly hydrated. The skin is never stretched after washing. The fat-soluble saponin and fermented collagen in fermented black ginseng help keep skin healthy. The synergistic effects are produced when using skin cleansers with black ginseng for extra hydration and perfect makeup application. Over 95% natural ingredients Natural and skin protective. No side effects.

HK$ 120.00

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