Pocket Size Dark Black Ginseng Extract


Net weight: 90mlx10 / pack Ingredients: 94% dark black ginseng concentrate; 5.7% collagen;

The highest quality 6 year old ginseng roots grown in Korea are used as raw material: raw black ginseng undergoes 70 days of processing with methods including the indirect low temperature steam method (ILTSM), "double fermentation" and "nine times steaming + drying. Solvents used as extraction agents and concentration of 6 year old ginseng roots with total saponin content above 150mg / g.

Properties and benefits: Strengthens the immune system, prevents flu and colds. Speeds up post-operative recovery (including cosmetic surgery). It does not contain pesticides, heavy metals, microorganisms and benzopyrene.Saponin is highly fat soluble and is easily absorbed by the human body. Contains 3 to 10 times more ginsenosides (such as RG3, RG5, RK1, RH4, RK3 and F4) than red ginseng.

HK$ 1,600.00