Testimonials: la Signora Giulia Chiarelli

Giulia Chiarelli is 44 years old, she is a management engineer and has always played sports. Since she was a young girl she has loved to compete, engaging in various activities and increasing in her the desire to test herself with increasingly difficult competitions: in addition to being a trainer in some fitness centers after work, in recent years she has also trained in a team of Triathlon, in which he ran, bicycled and swam.

However, when she became the mother of two wonderful children, she had to put a break in her passion for sports because she was too busy to train. But as soon as the children got a little older, Giulia decided that she would like to resume running little by little.

As soon as she started running, she couldn't feel the same confidence on the ground as before, she felt muscle fatigue and less breathing resistance.

Following the advice of a marathon runner friend, Giulia started taking a sachet of Korean Black Ginseng concentrate before going for a run, famous for its excellent absorption qualities and for its positive effects of increasing energy and endurance.

Today, Giulia has rediscovered the pleasure of training with the same determination as before without perceiving fatigue and she is looking forward to her children being old enough to teach them to do it too.