What is senile sarcopenia?

What is senile sarcopenia?

With aging, the muscles of people around the age of 50-60 begin to lose tone and diminish, with a degenerative process that makes walking difficult: senile sarcopenia is like osteoporosis, in which bones lose calcium. It is a very dangerous disease and inevitably leads to the use of a support cane, walkers or, at worst, the wheelchair, during aging.

Unfortunately, sarcopenia does not leave a chance even for young people, who can develop this disease: it has emerged that sarcopenia can have a wider impact in subjects who have an improper diet without fruit and vegetables and, above all, in sedentary subjects.

No therapeutic drugs have been developed to date. There is a cure for osteoporosis, but not for sarcopenia.

However, recently joint research between Ginseng By Pharm and the Sookmyung Women's University College of Pharmacy team found that Ginseng by Pharm's black ginseng is the first effective non-drug dietary supplement to combat this disease. In the article recently published by the Journal Of Ginseng Research, the Korean scientific press, entirely dedicated to medical and technological research on Ginseng, they highlighted that this discovery represents a first step to develop an effective treatment that contrasts the disease.

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